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GROOVAROO Burlington Vermont is here!

They say that having a baby is a life changing experience. Yes, yes it is!

A transition to parenthood can be a bit challenging. Lack of sleep, poor social life, isolation, lack of self-care and creativity, all these thing seem to hit you at the same time and sometimes,  ALL YOU NEED IS A BIT OF MUSIC and DANCE.

Recently, Kadina became a new mom. A transition to motherhood for her, like for many mothers out there was challenging. Having a long Vermont winter did not help either! She started to search for a place (other than yoga) that moms & their babies can join to connect with other new and experienced parents,  but also to reconnect to yourself and move your body while bonding with your baby. While Kadina did not have success finding such place in her community she ended up discovering the amazing GroovaRoo, Babywearing Dance across the country!

Wear. Dance. Love.

Today, Kadina is a certified Babywearing Dance Teacher and is offering Groovaroo classes in greater Burlington area! She is thrilled to bring this new fabulous family fun to our community!

Move your body, open your heart, reconnect with yourself, make new friends and bond with your baby.  We can't wait to dance with you!

NOTE: This is a dance class, so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring water and a two shoulder strap carrier. The dance choreography was created with a baby facing heart to heart so we prefer that a baby is facing in, heart to heart.

 If you don't own a two shoulder carrier (ex soft structured buckle carrier, stretchy wrap, Meh Dai...) don't worry we have some that you can use for the class!

Baby must be AT LEAST 6 weeks old. New moms must have your medical release for exercise from your care provider.

IF you have specific questions, regarding a class we will be happy to answer.     Please email