Little Artsy Faces (LAF)  is Vermont’s premier FaceBody, Canvas painting and Art entertainment business. LAF is based in Burlington Vermont but travels grater Vermont. Our goal is to bring joy, magic & exceptional art to your event as well as to bring friends and families together through joy of art and dance. The owner, creative director and entertainer Kadina Malicbegovic has been painting on skin and canvas professionally for over 10 years. She also holds a BA in studio art studies from the University of Vermont, GroovaRoo BabyWearing Dance instructor certification and CPR certificate. Little Artsy Faces will spice up any event, from face painting at birthday parties, belly painting for baby showers, canvas parties known as paint & sip, to body painting, live entertainment and henna art for festivals, retreats, corporate and private events. 

All face and body paint is FDA approved, high quality, cruelty free, water-based, non-sticky and easy to remove with soap and water.

Canvas paint is NON TOXIC. The henna paste is 100% Organic. Our glitter is plant based - Biodegradable cosmetic grade!

Safe, Clean, Comfortable and Artistic



All the paint we use is safe, high quality and FDA approved. The paint is specifically designed for face and body painting, water-based, non-sticky and dries in just a few seconds. Some of the ingredients include aloe and chamomile, glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter which makes it very gentle on skin.The best part is that it is easily removable with a mild soap and water. Rarely, some pigments tend to stain the skin temporarily. Gentle skin exfoliation should take care of it.